Physical to Virtual Peter Dowell

The materials I brought in for the first day were a sun hat, a Taco Bell gift card and a pair of swimming goggles. I chose these items because I liked the way that they looked and they had somewhat importance to me. I would wear the sun hat for hiking and stuff, while the goggles I would wear whenever I needed to go swimming. And the Taco Bell gift card just looks interesting.

Now that I know about resolution and scanning I think I am going to bring in more interesting texture and color materials and also look at specific features of an item. The sun hat that I have has some buttons with textures and lettering on it that I find interesting so I want to explore what I can do with that. I am going to do this because I want to go more in depth and look at the features of an object closer and get a sense of what makes the item feel the way it does.For example, the Taco Bell gift card has two different ways of viewing it in the physical world based off of how you look at it. When it is tilted in one direction the lights brighten and the bell has a shine, while when you look at it in a different way you see the lights are turned off. This actually shows up in the scan when you flip the card. One side it is lit up and one side it is not. I thought that was really cool.

taco bell gift card 2

Scan of taco bell gift card upside down (rotated afterwards) by Peter Dowell 2019

taco bell gift card

scan of taco bell git card by Peter Dowell 2019

I think that focusing on the texture and physical features as well as colors for my comics collage. I like the physical aspects shown in virtual forms because it gives a sort of depth to the image and makes the person viewing it a sort of perspective or guess of what the object would feel like.

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