Physical to Virtual: Zach Morgan

A splash page from a comic about Spider-Man during September 11, 2001

The three items I brought to the CDSC were a wood block, mouse pad, and my hammock; none of which are in the attached images. One thing that attracted me to each of these objects is texture. In the wood block, I thought that the graininess of the wood would be an interesting way to add texture to my collage. The mouse pad, however, is very soft and slick, which could add a smoothness to the collage. Finally, I thought I would scan the hammock, which is light blue, pink, and white, with creases to serve to create sections within the collage.

Other items I plan on digitizing are mostly personal, creative inspiration from entertainment, such as the above image from a Spider-Man comic. This Spider-Man comic came out in 2006 and it is about September 11, 2001. I really appreciate this splash page because I think it shows both how powerful a page can be, but also how the page can come alive. In the wake of disaster, the only light being emitted in this scene comes from the fire in the rubble of the buildings, while the sky is dark, conveying the hopelessness of the aftermath. Also, the page conveys the movement of the firefighters and superheroes in a still image. Other than appreciating what this splash page does as a comic, I find the shape in the top-right corner of the image to be interesting, and I like the repetition of the archways.

A piece of blue cloth that I had thought had an interesting texture.

While creative inspiration is what I will mostly draw from for the collage, I will also use various fabric materials to provide an interesting texture. The blue cloth in the second image is an example of the types of fabrics I would use. I think it might be unique to use various to create layers that are filled with its own types of elements.

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