Physical to Virtual: Mareenah Galang

Here is a scan of a postcard.

I brought some of my photo prints, a polaroid photo, as well as a textured postcard to the CDSC for the first scanning day. I quickly realized that my photo prints did not quite give me the right look that I wanted for my graphic. They were flat images, so the end product from scanning them would be similar to getting the same image from the internet. I wanted materials that added something else to the graphic. My postcard and polaroid photo provided some of this, but I was still a little stuck on what I wanted to do with my graphic. 

After that class day in the CDSC, I got more inspiration for what I want to bring in and scan. I saw that some people brought in some sort of fabric, as well as things with bright colors and interesting patterns. I think it would be really cool and interesting to scan something like that. I also want to bring in something with texture, because I want to see how the scanner picks up that texture. Scanning texture will bring dimension to the graphic. I also want to scan parts of a magazine, different news articles, and pages from books because I really liked the look of them in the different collages I have seen in the past. 

Here is a scan of a cosmetic bag.

For one of my scans, I chose to use a cosmetic bag with bubble wrap in it. I thought that the texture of the bubble wrap would be interesting to see. For my next scan, I used the postcard that I originally brought to the CDSC for the first in-class scanning day.

I want my graphic to be a collage of items that represent me and my interests. For example, I might scan a page or quote from my favorite book. I also might scan a patterned shirt that I like to wear. People should be able to get a sense of who I am just from viewing my collage. I also plan for my graphic to look just like a physical collage – as if I cut out magazines and glued different materials together myself. 

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