Physical To Virtual: Bailey Tompkins

When the class went to the CDSC for our first scanning day I brought a piece of cougar fabric, a sticker, a name tag, and a Polaroid photo. Now that I am more knowledgeable about the scanning process, there are a few items I will reconsider digitizing for the first project. An item that comes to mind is textured paper. I would like to bring in paper that has wrinkles or a fuzzy feeling to it. I want my project to resemble the look and feel of a scrapbook and I think textured paper would add this touch. Using textured paper will provide a three-dimensional look to my project yet it is easy to scan because of its flat qualities.

Created and Scanned by Bailey Tompkins, September 2019.

  The first item that I chose to scan this week was a name tag that I wore for sorority recruitment. I chose this item because it has different textures in the paper that will add to the scrapbook theme that I am going for. I also like that it is already layered so it will automatically have a three-dimensional appearance. This item was hard to scan at first because of the safety pin in the back, but it gave me the chance to play around with the scanning machine and to see if I like it tilted in the machine or laying flat. I even tried scanning the name tag with a sheet over it and the machine lid open to see if I preferred the look of it being untouched and more natural. I am also considering just using the bow of the name tag for my first project.

Scanned by Bailey Tompkins, September 2019.

          The other item that I chose to scan this week is a piece of cheetah fabric. I had a lot of fun playing with this fabric and fixing its position in the scanner different ways to find the best fit for the image I was going for. At first, I laid the fabric flat in the scanner with the lid closed, but then it lost a lot of the wrinkles and textured feel due to the scanner lid flattening the fabric. Next, I swirled the fabric to see if I could make an illusion of the image, but I didn’t think that looked fit right into the scrapbook feel that I wanted. Lastly, I laid the fabric on the machine and handmade a few wrinkles and waves but left the scanner lid open. I liked this position the best because it shows an obvious form of texture, but it’s still settle enough to look like its an older piece of fabric that is cut out and glued to the paper.

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