Physical to Virtual: Cierra Haken

When our class visited the CDSC on Thursday, September 5, 2019, I brought with me a floral hair scarf, a scrunchie, a small skincare bag, and a few small fake plants. I chose these materials because of the fun patterns and textures. The hair scarf could be laid out in many ways to get different looks. The scrunchie had an interesting texture. The skincare bag was floral and added more texture. And the small plants added a bit of a nature effect. After learning a bit more about scanning a resolution, I decided to scan what I brought the first day, in addition to an old, crumpled up piece of tracing paper that I thought I could use as a textured background to my digital collage.  I also want to try and scan a few old printed images to try to utilize the circular pattern of the zoomed in image. We have learned that we should be careful about zooming in on scanned, printed images because of the blurry circular dots that appear, but I think it would be fun to play around with that in Photoshop to maybe use the pattern for part of my collage.

This is one of the two ways I scanned my floral scarf. Scanned on 9/11/2019

My idea for our poster comic collage is to use materials that I use in my day-to-day life that I cherish or find interesting. When I am looking for materials to digitize, I also am looking to create a nice color palette, most likely including orange and green hues. This is because as an Interior Design major, I am always looking at the color palette of artwork or designs, and I want to practice using specific color harmony.


When I went to go scan my materials in the CDSC, I realized that it was booked Wednesday and Thursday. I then learned that we have the same scanners in the SDC buildings that I have most of my classes in, so I did my scanning there. I first scanned my floral hair scarf. I ended up scanning the scarf in two ways, all bunched up, then in a specific shape. I scanned both of these at 1200 ppi just in case I decide later that I want to use the floral print close up rather than using the scarf as a whole.

Old, crumpled up tracing paper, scanned 9/11/2019

Skincare bag and fake plants scanned on 9/11/2019

I then scanned the crumpled-up tracing paper. I scanned this at 600 ppi. This scan came out a bit whitewashed because the scanner lid was slightly open, but I figured that when I get the photo into Photoshop, I can lower the brightness and add some contrast.

Finally, I scanned the fake plants and skincare bag at the same time, that I can later crop each item out in order to use. I scanned these at 600 ppi. I’m not sure how I will use these in the project yet, but the scans came out very clear and I’m excited to see what I can do with them, along with the rest of my scans.

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