Physical to Virtual: Jake Bailey

Scanned image of my Firefighter coin

The items I brought to the CDSC was a dollar bill, pop tart wrapper, and a tie. I choose these objects because I thought they would look interesting under a scanner that can make different parts of the images pop. The items I ended up scanning however was a crimson beaded necklace and a firefighters coin I got from my dad. I choose the necklace because it seemed like it could be a good idea for a type of border around another graphic and after scanning it, I think the metallic crimson turned out good and scanning it at different shapes could end up looking really nice as almost “panels” in my collage. As for the coin, I just thought it looked really cool and was curious to see how the graphic shown would end up looking under the scanner. Overall, it came out very detailed and you can still see all the raised graphic and background material on the coin. I probably won’t use this coin exactly but I definitely think I have other ones that are similar to it that I will use for my collage.

Scanned image of the Crimson bead necklace

As for the collage I plan on centering it around where I’m from, Seattle. I plan on bringing in a Seattle Seahawks jersey and other materials I have brought from home like my Seattle skyline flag. I believe the skyline will make a good background. I also plan on using my Mariners jersey as well because the class “jersey” style pattern will show up quite well as well. Along with those I plan on using random household objects I can find to create different pieces, exactly which though I haven’t decided yet. In the end,I hope my collage to be a sort of visual description of how I experience my times in Seattle when I go to Seahawks and Mariner games.

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