Physical to Virtual: Joseph Gardner

On the first day that we visited the CDSC, I brought a bag filled with a dollar bill, a printed out picture with a label that says August, a quarter, and a wreath made up of paper circles. I ended up scanning all of those items, because they all fit in the scanner.


Scanned by Joseph Gardner, September 2019.

I will also consider scanning my name tag for work. However, when I scan things with white borders. When I scanned things with white borders, they showed up okay but when I tried to make them into a png, it made it harder for me to make it into a png. The quick select tool makes it so the background is selected along with the white part of the image.

I’m also thinking about scanning some watercolor. I really like the texture of the paper. Watercolor could add some depth and color to the project. If I did add watercolor, I would use more warm colors to contrast the blues that are part of the project so far.


Scanned by Joseph Gardner, September 2019.

I like the way that my project is turning out so far. I’m going to try to do a summertime theme, with the comic transitioning from the end of the summer and the beginning of the school year. I am still unsure of how I will utilize text. I like the color scheme that I have so far, with blues, greens and the occasional yellow.

I think that the materials that I scanned so far will be interesting for my project because they are mostly consisting of paper, but there is variation between the textures of the paper. I’m also thinking of zooming in close to one of August paper, and using the dots that appear when using CMYK to create a sort of backdrop. I want to experiment with proportions, and make it so some of the small things are big, and the big things are small.


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