Blog 2: Physical to Virtual – Jack Kay

For my blog this week, I chose to just pick things out of my pocket that I had. I used my keys which have many other uses other than just to drive and I just had matches on me. I thought the matches would be cool to see if the camera could pick up the individual matches and it worked fairly well. After the presentation, I am going to look for some fabrics to bring in and also some oddly shaped materials. I think oddly shaped materials would make the collage look very cool. Also, I feel like bringing in different papers for backgrounds and adding shadows if possible would look really cool.

This is the set of keys that I bring everyday. I wanted the picture to see more of the depth of the keys, but it kind of looks three-dimensional. The picture came out fairly clear and there was also a lot of positions for the keys I could work with. The keys themselves were not as reflective as how I would have imagined, but I think that that is for the better.



In the next use of these scanners, I will be bringing different materials which have different textures and different sizes. The matches were a good call because of how many different textures are on one object. It was interesting to see if the camera was going to make it come out clearly or not.

This digitalization showed me that even the simplest reflective material will reflect after flash. The image looks rough and raw with no added filters or editing which I do like. I prefer no added editing because then the image looks like how it would in everyday life. 





I hope to actually improve these photos when working on my collage though. And bring in Raw photos into the digitalized world. I think it will be an awesome opportunity to mix the two worlds: Both Physical and Virtual.

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