Physical to Virtual: Elora Buschini



My first day of going to the CDSC I brought a patterned scrunchie, jewelry and, a receipt. I brought the scrunchie because it was polka dotted and red which I thought would be interesting to look at in Photoshop. After going to learn about the scanner I didn’t think I would like the shape and other characteristics that the scrunchie would translate to. I brought a necklace because I thought it would be good to layout a interesting shape, I chose not to go through with this because it would probably only show up as a squiggly line. I brought the receipt because it was text on paper that would be digital. I wasn’t against the idea of scanning text, I just thought I should find something more interesting than a receipt. Now, that I know more about the resolution and what will read well on a scanner I wanted to bring in something with more dimension and vibrant. After seeing the items other students brought I was inspired to bring something that would be more interesting characteristics that show off the material I am digitizing. I had a hard time looking for things at home to scan that would be interesting to look at, and I am still looking at more to add to make it more of a collage.  I decided to bring a embroidered jean jacket because of the different textures and colors that will be better to digitize. I thought that these elements were going to work well for this project because it is a textured image, so you would see it and know it was stitches but now it is digital. I like that the background of the embroidered images being the denim from the jacket. So to add to this I think I either want to bring something that matches the theme of wild life to bring together what it would look like if it were real. Or bring in more clothing to show more of the texture and details.

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