Physical to Virtual: Eddie Abellar

Scanned bag tag, Fall 2019.

I brought a golf bag tag with my name on it from Tacoma Golf & Country Club and a car wash stamp card to the CDSC. I brought these items because they were small and flat and could easily be scanned but they also provide a little information about myself. The bag tag will be in my comic collage because golf is one of my favorite sports to play and I enjoy playing in tournaments in the summer. My favorite tournament this summer that I played in was the PNGA mens amateur at Tacoma G&CC where I got the bag tag.

The car wash stamp card that I brought will also be in my collage because I frequently get my car washed and I think that’s a little piece of information about me that I want expressed in the collage. The stamp card will also have people guessing what kind of car I drive since my car will not be featured in the collage at all.

Scanned car wash stamp card, Fall 2019.

Some other items I am considering scanning are clothing items such as my favorite shirt or hoodie, one of my favorite golf polos, a WSU basketball jersey that I found at Goodwill in Port Orchard, my favorite pair of socks, and receipts from different restaurants that I enjoy going to. I’ve decided to scan these items because they are all different colors which I think would make my collage very interesting. These items also are very different from each other in terms of texture. For the clothing items especially I will be focusing on the different textures each clothing item has. It will be interesting to see how I organize the items in a sequential order. Although I have a good idea of what items I want to scan I have no idea how to place them in my collage just yet.

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