Print vs. Digital Comic: Bobby Brown

Hello, my name is Bobby Brown! I decided to make my comic strips about myself and my hobbies that I enjoy doing.

Hand-Drawn Comic

This is my hand-drawn comic strip.

The differences between hand-drawn and digital are pretty clear in this scenario. Hand drawing my comic was a simple and easy task because I was limited on my tools available to create it. I was restricted to simply a piece of paper and a pencil, and while I’m not disappointed with how it turned out at all, I do wish I could’ve done a bit more.

When it comes to creating a comic strip digitally, it was a much different story. I completed my digital comic in Photoshop, and while Illustrator is probably a much more fitting program to complete this task in, I already had some experience using Photoshop, so that’s why I chose to go that route. If I’m being honest, this was not the easiest thing to create in Photoshop, and I found myself regretting choosing it once or twice. At the end of the day though, I found myself able to be more creative while creating my comic with a digital medium, and I enjoyed that a lot.

When it comes to choosing which one I enjoyed more, it’s kind of a toss up. Hand-drawing my comic allowed me to feel more free about putting my ideas onto p

Digital Comic Strip

This is my digitally designed comic strip.

aper, where the digital comic made me feel almost overwhelmed with the amount of ideas I had, and different ways to display them. Overall, I think I enjoyed the hand-drawn portion of my comic, simply because of the way I was able to translate my ideas right onto paper.

After reading the first chapter of McCloud’s “Understanding Comic’s,” I found that I had a better understanding of what a comic can be. Prior to reading this, I thought a comic had to be some sort of silly short-story that ended in something humorous happening, but I now know otherwise.

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