Print Versus Digital Comic: Min Kim

An awkward introduction. Picture by Min Kim, August 2019

Having grown up with the conventional pen(cil) and paper, hand drawing has always been my most preferred method. As an avid doodler, drawing comics were not an atypical ordeal and neither was using its digital counterpart. However; drawing by hand is undoubtedly the most organic and unrestrictive form. To me, it allows for more control in the finer details through different pressures one has the freedom to apply to create complex textures. And without extensive skills in digital tools, it is difficult to replicate and control these aspects. Since I draw mostly using a tablet, digital drawing isn’t too different than drawing normally, though for my digital comic I had to resort to using word. Although these programs enable me to create perfect shapes and copies, when it comes to free hand alterations, it becomes difficult to maneuver and doesn’t allow the creative freedom hand drawing provides. But being accustomed to digital tools and applications, mistakes are much more forgiving and easily rectifiable; sadly, you can’t control Z fatal mistakes away on paper. In terms of reading hand-drawn versus digital, it is as comparable as reading a physical novel and an electronic copy (to some extent). Other than the motor skills needed to scroll or flip a page, the two are not some much different aside from the fact that digital ones strain my eyes.

A simple comic of me waving hello. Picture by Min Kim, August 2019




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