Print Versus Digital Comic: Keanna Maki

Drawing by Keanna Maki. Introduction Comic. (August 24)
Photo by Keanna Maki. Introduction Comic. (August 26)

Making a comic by hand versus using a digital tool definitely adds differentiation between the two pieces of work. The most obvious contrast is the fact that one comic is created free handed and the other digitally. Of course, we see many differences between the two. On one hand, we see that creating a comic with physical tools is much easier to work with if you are not as comfortable using technical tools. On the other hand, we see that having digital tools is easier for designing as you are able to get more resources available to you on the spot. Other differences we can see is the way we actually create the comics.

By hand, I created my comic with a pencil and paper. Others may have used different utensils such as pens or markers, but still were able to grasp the same idea using physical tools. Digitally, we use a mouse or electronic pens to draw out our comics on a device. Either way you create a comic, physically or digitally, you are creating a comic. Each creation is designed for a unique purpose and brings its own story to show.

When I drew my comic, I had that freedom to draw what I wanted and how I wanted. I had nothing to prevent me from to produce. This way is more imaginative because you can include your illustrations exactly how you picture it in the simplest way. When I created my comic digitally, I knew it would be a challenge since I do not know how to use complex digital tools. What I could do was utilize my familiar digital resources which was Microsoft Word at the time. I realized that my drawn comic became animated and that was awesome to see such a shift. I also noticed how my original comic changed from what I produced to something sharp and clear rather than sketched. Having both comics on either paper or having a digital copy shows the possibilities of where your work can excel.

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