Print Versus Digital Comic: Eddie Abellar

Hand drawn comic by Eddie Abellar, Fall 2019.

I had an enjoyable time creating both the hand-drawn comic and the digital comic. The benefits of making a hand-drawn comic is that you have complete freedom of what you want to create. While creating my hand-drawn comic I was able to re-create my favorite activities on paper. Hand-drawn comics also gave me the freedom to create as many different shapes as I want to create the correct visual I wanted to present. One drawback from creating a hand-drawn comic was that the shapes I created on paper were not perfect. The three panels I created for example were not all the same size, the lines were not perfectly straight, and the lines were not all the same size.

Digital comic by Eddie Abellar, Fall 2019.

Creating my digital comic was a bit trickier because I used Adobe Illustrator to create it and it took some time to figure out which tools to use to create my comic. One benefit of creating a comic digitally is that the shapes you create come out perfectly the way you want them too. The panels I created for my digital comic were all the same size and were all perfect squares. The circles I created to represent my head also came out as perfect circles. Another benefit of making a digital comic is being able to add text and having the text be clear and legible for anyone to read. One drawback of creating a digital comic is that if you do not have a lot of experience with software like Adobe Illustrator you are somewhat limited in creating whatever you want. Having little experience using the toolbar in Adobe Illustrator, I was not able to recreate the athletic activities in my digital comic as I did in my hand-drawn comic.

Reading the first chapter of “Understanding Comics” definitely helped me create my digital comic. Learning about the definition of what a comic is helped me create my digital comic strip in a sequential order.

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