Print Versus Digital Comic: Bruno Signorelli

Making the hand drawn comic was a more comfortable and easier experience for me. I believe this was the case because with a pencil and paper even though I am not that good at drawing I feel more comfortable and in control. With the digital comic I felt more restricted by the software I was using, and this is most likely because of my lack of experience and knowledge with the software I used. I did feel like I was able to create a cleaner version of a comic when I did it digitally, just because I feel like there’ s less space for human error. But I also feel like that takes away some of the character, that a hand drawn comic has plenty of because it allows for a more unique style. In my experience of reading comics, when I read a comic on Digital Comicpaper, I feel like I have a more personal connection with what I am reading and usually retain more of what I read. When I read comics online, I tend to go through it a lot faster and tend to look over a lot of the detail in the images themselves. I read chapter 1 of “Understanding Comics” after I finished my digital comic, but it did reinforce my thoughts on comics which is mainly that a comic book is not just one thing and it can really be anything that the creator makes of it, and even anything that the reader makes of it.

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