Print vs. Digital Comic: Ruby Pitts-Cranston

When making my hand drawn comic I had no idea what type of story or message I wanted to tell. I ended up doodling cats and decided to create a dynamic between two cats that live in the same house. They are roughly based off of my own cats, one of them is very overweight which is where I got the idea from. In my hand drawn comic I started out very simple with little dialogue or story, but in my second digital comic I decided to give them much more of a personality and dynamic between the two. I used the same characters both times because I felt that with hand drawn media I couldn’t really be as creative as I wanted to be. Im not the best at drawing so it was really hard for me to make them appear the way I wanted them to and I ended up making the comic as simple as I could because of this. In the digital comic I let myself run with the idea because graphic design such as this is something I really enjoy doing and have a bit more experience with than hand drawn. I used photoshop. For me it was much easier to tell the story that I wanted to tell, and make the characters look the way I wanted them to (even though they’re silhouettes). The only thing from hand drawn that I would say I prefer is the text bubbles. Handwriting for me has much more personality than typed text does, and I feel like the words fit into the comic more, especially with how dark my digital comic was. As far as paper as opposed to a screen I still prefer to read off of paper, it seems much more interactive and visually appealing.

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