Print Versus Digital Comic: Ana Maria Alaniz Mendoza



Photo By: Ana Maria Alaniz Mendoza, Fall 2019

As I began to sketch out the very first shape on my lined notebook paper, I realized that I needed to have a better plan about placement and spacing for my comic. This resulted in me turning the page to start over because I didn’t want eraser marks on my final sketch. Immediately, I thought about how much easier it is to reverse mistakes within Adobe Illustrator. A simple command Z keyboard shortcut is a real game-changer. However, as I continued to draw out my first comic, my old gentle sketch technique began to make a comeback and I found drawing to be very therapeutic like the good old doodling days in high school. In my hand-drawn comic, I used a cartoon frog to represent my high-energy personality.

In my digital comic, I found it more appealing to make cartoon people characters instead of frogs because I wanted to create figures that looked like my parents back in college. Overall, this approach helped to make the storyline in my comic more obvious. After reading the first chapter of Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics”, I wanted to be a little more intentional about the visual hints that my comic suggested. I also was inspired to create my comic in a left to right strip. In the first scene, my parents are in college and in the last scene, I am in college. You can tell I am the daughter of the two love birds in the first scene because I combined some of the details from both the girl and guy character to make a “mini-me” version of the two.


Photo By: Ana Maria Alaniz Mendoza, Fall 2019


Now that I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator more, I think I felt less pressure about making the digital comic. However, overall I think both represent me well in different ways and I enjoyed making both.


About Ana Maria

My name is Ana María Alaniz Mendoza. Currently, Washington State University is where I'm working towards a double major in advertising and digital technology/culture.
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