Oral History: Kaleb Parrish

For my Project 3, I decided to interview my 50 year old dad. The topic and theme for my audio-edited interview is about surgeries in my family while comparing the advancement in health technology, specifically surgeries from different generations. During the interview process, it felt kind of weird trying to interview my dad asking him the questions I wrote down instead of just talking with him because it felt less natural. It felt like I had to follow a guideline when interviewing him when instead I feel like good interviews are just when people are naturally talking. I was able to have an active conversation but I feel like I could have had a better conversation if I was a little more prepared about things to bring up. A few things seemed to surprise me when we were doing the interview. The first thing was that I seemed a little nervous, but I don’t know why because it’s my father and I am never nervous around him. As the interview view went on, it seemed to be normal and went good. Even after the questions I wanted to discuss, the interview kept going even though it wasn’t documented. Even though I interviewed my father, I also wish I would have interviewed another person like my mom or grandma since they’ve been their for my fathers and I’s surgeries. The most prominent themes that surfaced in relation to technology was surgery and the advancement of health technology. The advancement in surgery is a crazy thing because how technology has developed, its made surgeries a lot faster and the recovery time quicker like orthoscopic surgery that I had. Finally, I decided to edit the interview into the audio story I turned in because it best reflected my knowledge of the audio audition program and also I thought it sounded good.


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