Final Reflection: Jaclyn Erickson

Brandon Bliesner – Interviewed his father Brain Bliesner and talks about the walkman vs the ipod. They discuss the differences between the two, one being that the walkman was only around $150 and the ipod was about $399. One story his father talks about during the interview is when the first time he used a walkman was back in 1970 when he was cutting asparagus in the fields and how it helped to pass the time. This was a great interview and was very smooth, overall great quality. The father mentions how the ipod had a much more convenient the ipod is as how it was much easier to use than a walkman because a walkman would skip and you would have to get individual cds for it. This was a great example of an Oral History.

Melody Huerta – Interviewed her younger brother Dorian. Although this is supposed to be an oral history she interviews her younger brother and asks him what digital literacy means. She also asks him if he ever feels pressured to learn a new technology and or if technology is advancing faster then our generation can comprehend. This was an interesting interview but I wouldn’t say it’s a good example of a oral history because she interviewed her younger brother, therefore the history aspect was missing. It was also majority of her talking, there were multiple long pauses an lots of ums that all could of been edited out.

Melissa Urueta – Interviewed her friend’s older brother Garrt and he stated that the smartphone was the first technological device that had an impact on his life. He has the ability to text/check his bank/go on social media/ connect with his work. The smartphone has made his everyday life easier between work and social life. He claims its a blessing and a curse because technology can be addicting but also extremely useful. Although when technology crashes it can make his work life every difficult. This was a solid overall interview of a oral history and only had a few editing errors.

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