Final Reflection: Brianna Esqueda


The first interview that I listened to form one of my peers was Emmalina Krist’s. She interviewed her mother on how she had watched the progression of the internet throughout her life. Her mother owns her own business, and runs and website for it. She talks about how, over the last couple of decades, coding has changed. This was the part of the interview I found to be the most interesting. Personally, I was a little to young to remember what coding use to look like before the mid 2000’s. Her mother talked about things like WordPress, and how she doesn’t particularly like cites like this because they don’t allow you to code for yourself. She also touched upon how she is self-thought and was self-motivated during the process of creating her own website, something I think is very impressive. I think that this was a good interview because her mother had experience coding before and after major changes were made to more closely resemble how it is performed today.

The second interview I listen to was conducted by Jenna Walker who interviewed her Grandmother. She and her grandmother talked about how, when she was in college, she used a typewriter. Her grandmother didn’t feel that the adjustment to computers from typewrites was necessarily that difficult. She explained that keyboards didn’t really change and that she had also taken a few computer classes to help her stay up to date with this transition in technology.  I think that Jenna selected a great person for the interview. Not only was her grandmother in college when she was using typewrites, she was old enough to remember life before and after them. She also still tries to stay up to date with the current technology by taking computer and writing classes.

The last interview I had the pleasure of enjoying was between Rachel Lentz and her father. She chose the theme of transportation and selected to interview her father because he had worked for UPS for the past 30 years, which, in my opinion, makes him an expert. He talked about how when he was first driving trucks for work, they were simple. Now they have cameras and sensors to make driving safer and more efficient. He also talked about weight transponders, sensors in the road that can tell you how much the truck weighs. The crazy part is that these transponders can calculate weight when the truck is driving at speeds of about 65mph. When she asked her father if he saw any of these advancements in technology coming, he said that he didn’t; and that he thought no one could have predicted how far we have come. Something that I found really profound that came out of this interview was how her father perceived goods. He said that he appreciated things that had to travel long distances to get to him; using the example of a toothbrush that’s stamped “made in China.” He understands and respects the amount of work and transportation that it took to get that product to him. I think this interview is a great example of oral history because it not only demonstrates what the person saw as technology changed, but also related it to how they have had their perception altered as a result of it.

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