Final Reflection: Timmy Huynh

I listened to Brandon Bliesner, Emily Bruckner, and Tori Bredy. Brandon’s Oral History project was on walkmans vs iPods. It was interesting listening to the difference between the two listening devices so directly and seeing things like price, generation, and release dates. They also had a few similarities such as using them for the same purposes of listening to music and convenience of portability for their time. It was also interesting to see how the difference between obtaining and listening to music was so different between the three generations of buying cds, downloading the music to the device all the way to streaming and speculation of what might come next. I’d say this is an example of oral history because it shows how Brandon’s dad saw the differences between generations of music listening devices and the major improvements between the two devices. Emily interviewed her father and the technology was about online education and the difference between traditional colleges versus learning online. The difference between the feeling of coming into an auditorium or classroom, felt more close and personal rather than taking the online courses where he would sometimes just listening to a prerecorded lecture. The textbooks were also interesting to listen to, Emily’s father enjoyed not having to carry around heavy textbooks everywhere and having those ebooks being available anywhere with internet was convenient. This is oral history because Bryan was able to see and experience the difference between traditional and online college and education and shared his views on them from a personal view. Tori interviewed her mom, Patty an eight grade teacher. It was intriguing seeing how her newer students are more and more proficient with computers. Patty’s view on the accessibility of files and work through the cloud, and how she can access them from her home laptop without having to carry anything back and forth was fascinating to listen to. That difference made it so she didn’t have to stay at school for as long and could go home and continue working in comfort. I would consider this oral history because it shows the evolution of how technology has started to affect what parents are teaching their kids and how education is evolving with it, making the technological use more and more integral to the system, making the lives of not only the students but the teachers and staff as well.

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