Final Reflection: Emily Burns

Ashley Cole:

I thought that Ashley’s interview with her dad was very interesting. I think the most relevant part of this story is when Ashley’s dad talked about the transition from pay phones to cell phones. He said that this technological development was huge and changed a lot of things. Ashley’s dad mentioned that this development made life a lot more continent. I think Ashley’s overall interview was a great example of oral history. I like how the interview flows from past to present, and then at the end he talked a little about the future.

Jenna Walker:

I really enjoyed listening to Jenna’s interview with her grandma. One part that stood out to me is at the end when Jenna asks her grandma if she thinks the computers we have today have had a big impact on the way people write. Her grandma said yes. She believes that computers are more efficient and typing allows your thoughts to continue and flow. I thought this was a good example of the way computer development has changed our lives. Overall, I think this story is a good example of oral history. Her grandma talked about the technology she grew up with and how the advancements have influences our everyday life.

Emily Bruckner:

I thought Emily’s interview with her dad was very interesting and a different topic that I haven’t even thought about for this project. I liked listening to Brian’s traditional college experience verses his online school experience. One part that stood out to me was when Brian was talking about the convince of online school. He said that during lunch breaks or free time during his work day he could just go on his computer and catch up on school work. He didn’t have to carry around a bunch of heavy text books, everything was online. I think this was a great example of how technological changes have changed Brian’s life. He didn’t have to take time off of work to go to school, rather he could just do it online. This interview was a great example of oral history. I thought it was interesting when he was comparing his previous experience to this whole new online experience. It really showed how the world has changed due to technology.

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