Final Reflection: Seth Muck

Wyatt Nevins: Wyatts interview sounded amazing, and I was immediately surprised when he told me he recorded via his phone. In terms of the content, I felt like his grandfather had a lot to say about different generations, and how technology has impacted this one and his own generation. I think the most interesting part of the interview is when his grandfather refused to talk about the random phone calls his father would receive in the night. He mentioned that his family was under government surveillance and I thought it was interesting. This was probably the best example of oral history, it dealt with historical issues and how technology effected and impacted them.

Brianna Esketit: Brianna’s interview was unique, in that it talked about something that isn’t talked about a lot: genetic coding. I thought she made an interesting interview, choosing someone close in age, but in a totally different field than she is. I think the most interesting part of the interview regarding technology is when Lydia spoke about genetic coding and how with recent advancements in medical tech, it has become something heavily used to prevent certain diseases and conditions. This was a great oral history, and it really addressed issues facing the medical community.

Ashley Cole: Ashley decided to interview her dad. I thought it was great how she included music in the beginning, and later on in the interview I realized music had been subtly playing in the background the whole interview. I think what I found most interesting about the interview was when Ashley’s father spoke about having corded phones in the house, and how the main way one would talk on the phone was by moving to another room with the 20+ foot cable. This is a good story about oral history, because it addresses so many technologies that were relevant when Ashley’s father was younger.


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