Final Reflection: Melody Huerta

Oral History #1: Christian Solovey: I would say that this is a very good example of an oral history partly because there is a lot of talking about the advancement of the technology that they talk about. In this case the technology that they are talking about is the DJ equipment that DJ Tommy Gunz uses and has used throughout his career experimenting with music. They talk about the digital aspect of being a DJ and the technology that field originated with is becoming obsolete. The way the person being interviewed talks about being changed is that now that things are more digital when he’s up there playing music to a lot of people it may seem like he’s just pressing play. This is because as they talk about the physicality of moving around vinyls is no longer there.

Oral History #2: Melissa Urueta: In this oral history they talk about their first experiences with technology, in this case they talk about when they were young and learning about what technology is like watching television. Then later they talk about how they believed the smartphone to have had the biggest effect on their life because it is something that people recognize as having the same abilities as a computer and in our time that is still something that is relatively new. I would say this is a good example of an oral history because they talk about the effects of technology through a bigger scope than just one piece of technology and we get to hear of an experience with many different technologies throughout the years.

Oral History #3: Milo Larson: They talk about the interesting point in time where computers were starting to become something many people could access. I think the interesting part was when they talked about having typing classes, that is something that I didn’t have and so I found it interesting that people older and even my age were introduced to computers in school. I would say this is a good example of an oral history because they make sure to cover how that person felt about that specific advancement in technology.

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