Final Reflection: Kameryn Skillingstad

For my final reflection is listened to three very well done oral history projects created by my classmates. First, I listened to Chrisitian Solovey’s interview with DJ Tommy Gunz. Christian’s questions focus on music equipment throughout Tommy’s life. I found it interesting that his first run in with DJ equipment was in 1996 when his friend had two turn tables. DJ Tommy Gunz talks about “mixing songs together” back when he was younger which I found very interesting because in today’s music mashups, which is mixing songs together, is still very popular. I found the concept of CDJs very intriguing because I have never seen one of those before. Also, this was the first DJ equipment Tommy Gunz has ever owned when he started his career in 2003. Now, Tommy Gunz uses music from his computer to create beat. I think it’s shocking how much DJ equipment has changed over time. I think this story is very relevant to technological development because with the new DJ equipment, it makes it easier for DJs to create music that expresses themselves and makes their audience engaged. Also, with the new technology DJ’s can create more variety. I think this story is a perfect example of oral history because Christian asks Tommy Gunz questions about how he started DJing and what equipment he started with all the way to the present.

Next, I listened to Angela Basinger’s interview with her grandmother Donita Basinger. I love how this oral history explored technology within the medical field. One thing that really stood out to me was when Donita explained that things that used to take forever, with technology, and accomplish very little in the past now take “no time at all” and accomplish wonderful things. I think this really adds to our course’s conversation on technological development because in the medical field, time is everything and because of this technology nurses and doctors can help people faster. After, listening to Donita’s view from a medical stand point, I found it very reassuring that she mentions its important in the medical field to make the patient feel important and that they aren’t just seen as a “condition”. I think this was an awesome oral history that not only took its listener through Donita’s history with technology in the medical field but also showed many powerful messages.

Lastly, I listened to Rachel Lentz’s interview with her father Michael Lentz. This interview was a perfect oral history project because it not only explored Michaels personal journey from 1997 to now but it also had many technological development themes. I never knew that truck now days have so much technology involved in them. For example, Michael talks about how his truck has sensors that will inform the drive when they are too close to the center lines, or cameras to show behind the truck and the blind spots. Personally, I think this is an awesome advancement in trucks because I am always scared driving next to them on the freeway because they are so big and I always think that they won’t be able to see me but this interview is very safety reassuring. I like how Rachel also asked her dad about the future of commercial vehicles because it was interesting hearing his opinion on self-driving cars.

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