Final Reflection: Josue Cuevas

For the final blog I decided to review the interviews of Rachel Lentz, Melissa Urueta, and Juan Guzman.

Melissa Urueta: After listening to Melissa’s audio clip a few times, one of the things I liked the effects of using chilling background music. Very similar to my interviewee, her interviewee talked about the influence the smartphone had on him. Talked about how we have the whole world at our fingertips with the smartphone. You can check emails, bank accounts and the like all from a small device in your pocket. Also during the interview, they talked about that there are disadvantages to smartphones like a short attention span, how social media affects us and using an example from the restaurant industry if the power went out then they have no way to get orders in and the like making it much harder to serve people. Overall the interview seemed like it went good for both the interviewer and interviewee.  

Juan Guzman: Listening to Juan’s interview is very cool to learn about another one of friends experience with music growing up. The person Juan was interviewing was a friend from my hometown Sebastian and him being older than me his perspective on listening to music is different than my own. Some of the elements from the interview I enjoyed was when Sebastian was talking about listening to music from boomboxes. It’s interesting to me because I only saw people use those in movies so finding out they were actually used in real life was really cool to learn. Also similar to my interviewee, Sebastian talked about using Limewire to get his music growing up as well. I liked this interview it was very insightful.

Rachel Lentz: Last interview I listened to was again a very extremely interesting video, with Rachel interviewing her father a former UPS driver. I liked how the interview flowed smoothly with Rachel asking the right questions to actually make it more like a conversation. I found it interesting to learn about all the technology that goes into the UPS trucks that I had no clue on. Also it was interesting to learn about what an older person thinks about the way vehicle transportation is going with stuff like self driving cars. This interview was definitely one of the more interesting ones I listened, very nicely done.

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