Final Reflection: Zachary Larson

Angela Basinger interviews her grandmother, Donita, about the technological advancements in hospice care and how these changes have influenced the job experience. Donita is a retired nurse who highlights the efficiency and accuracy of the technologies we have today compared to her time in the field. These progressions have eliminated a lot of the long and inaccurate methods she had to use back in the day. Donita shares the example of the thermometer where, nowadays, all they do is take a wand to your head and have the information they need in seconds. Donita worries that people today are becoming so dependent on technology that they have forgotten the importance of a personal connection. This is a good example of oral history because it shows the progression of a technology and how it has impacted society.

Issaya Saleumsay interviews his mother about the progression of cell phones. She shares about having her first brick phone and what it was like sharing the same device as everyone else. Her main message from the interview was to address how dependent society is on cell phones nowadays. In the digital age we find ourselves in, you can control a significant amount of technology from your pocket including your car, home, alarm systems, etc. This is a decent example of oral history because it addresses a major change in generations in terms of communication and instant gratification.

Jaclyn Erickson interviews her Aunt Melissa about record players and how the technology has held onto its nostalgic experience. Melissa begins talking about her dad owning a record player with a collection of albums to go along with it. She shares how it use to be a bonding experience between her friends as they go over to each other’s houses and share their personal music collections. The two discuss how the record player has many variations now including a compact portable version Jaclyn owns. Overall, this was a great example of oral history because it illustrates a different perspective on the progression of technology. Sometimes, technology can provide an experience efficiency can’t replace.

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