Oral History: Brandon Bliesner


So I have interviewed a lot of people for different things, but all relating to school. With that being said, I had a pretty good understanding of what I needed to do setup wise. Originally, I wanted to interview my grandma or my mom for this project. I ended up switching that up a bit and talking to my dad. I figured this was a good choice since I knew that my dad had a Walkman and also that he was pretty well kept up with the iPod and other music storage devices. During the interview, there was one thing that really surprised me. When I asked my dad about which option of purchasing the music was the best, he said that it was buying music online for the iPod. I was thinking that going out and buying the CD’s might be more exciting just based on the entire experience of it, but my dad said otherwise. I think the themes that came out during the interview was money, usability, and ease of access. We talked about how much each device was priced at, as well as what my dad was using them for. We also discussed the different process behind purchasing music for each device. I decided to edit my project in the way I did mostly based on how I wanted it to be structured. My dad is introduced, we talk about the cost of each device which leads into his first time using each of them. Basically, by structuring the project in this way, it continues to flow in a coherent way. There were a few problems I had during the process of recording the audio. Firstly, I didn’t have an actual microphone. I used the microphone on my camera which was the best quality of recording device I had at that time. Another problem was that I had limited time to talk to my dad, as we were in Pullman and he was going home soon. I feel that if I would have had a few more hours, I could have gone a lot deeper and asked a bunch more questions. Overall, I feel like it would have been more of a conversation rather than me simply asking questions. That being said, I was able to make the recording sound pretty good, I just wish I had more time for the interview.


Song: ASAP Rocky: Yamborhini High

Picture url: https://mashable.com/2014/01/23/justin-bieber-mugshot-photoshop/

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