Final Reflection: Liz Kurtz

Milo Larson – It was interesting to hear Milo’s interview with his dad. Throughout this oral history report, Milo’s father talks about the many stories that involved the evolution of the telephone and television. It was very interesting to learn about how different technology has become in the span of as little as 20 years. Comparing the dates, Milo discusses in his reflection that the future for technology is truly unknown. Milo’s interview was done seamlessly and displayed a focused goal within the interview. Although Milo focused on the general topic of television and telephones, he was able to conduct an excellent oral history report.

Melissa Urueta – Melissa broke out of the box and decided to interview a WSU Alumni whom she’s never met. This was an interesting interview to listen to as the interviewer and interviewee had yet to establish a connection. As she mentions in her refection, once settling in the process become smother and she was able to build conversation. While again, this interview was about computers, I was able to see a different side to its use. In this particular cause, computers are used within the restaurant business and the interviewee discusses the evolution of this device and how it has benefited his career. The parts that Melissa chose to keep greatly benefited her purpose in creating more of a Story Corps type of report rather than an interview. While much of the content was expected, it was a well-executed oral history.

Christian Solovey – Christian’s oral history report was very interesting and I enjoyed listening to it very much. While I am greatly interested in the music field, this was the perfect interview for me to stumble upon. Stubblefield is one of my regular destinations so it was interesting to learn about the technology behind the sound. This interview continued to grab my attention as the content was continuously interesting. The development of DJing has come a long way throughout time, who knows where we will be in as little as 4-6 years from now.

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