Oral History: Seth Muck


For my interview I decided to interview one of my peers, Katelyn Hamilton. This interview went decently well, as I was surprised by some of the things that she did and didn’t know about. A few things I was surprised about was Katelyn’s lack of knowledge about what LimeWire was, as it was something very influential in my music experience, I was surprised that people didn’t know about it. One of the largest themes that came up while talking about technology was Music. I think Music is something that has been heavily influenced by technology and often times people take the easy way out and use programs to create certain sounds, rather than learning instruments themselves.

After the recording I moved my file into Garageband and started editing. I have a lot of experience with Garageband and I think I chose this method to easily edit the conversation. Overall, this project was great and I learned a lot about how much disconnect there is between just a few years in age. Technology is something that has changed so much in so little time.

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Woah! I just transformed into a dog! You may be asking, "your profile name is sethlovescats, but your avatar is a picture of you as a dog!" well well well friend, you've caught my tricks! I do love cats, more than dogs, but that special pupper is my best bud. Regards, Seth
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