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“Night At The Library”

The comic I have created, “Night at the library”, follows Scott McCloud’s definition of a comic as it is a series of images in deliberate sequence. Scott McCloud’s book analyzes and explains how comics can’t necessarily be defined as one singular thing, but are rather versatile and cannot be limited. Comics don’t just tell a story or have pictures, the combination of the two pulls the reader in and makes something interactive. By having pictures and words, your mind can feel the characters and authors personality, points of view, attitude, mind as well as the scene in which the visualizations in the comic portray; it all sets up a feeling and stimulates one’s imagination. In my comic I wanted to portray what being in the library for hours on end feels like sometimes, as a student I have been in the library for up to 34 hours at a time. The images I decided to make came in sequence from left to right in reading order, which make I thought made it rather easy to read and follow. The imaging I created attempted to portray feelings and emotions that were rather dramatic and maybe unrealistic, Scott McCloud says, “By stripping down an image to its essential “meaning”, an artist can amplify that meaning in a way that realistic art can’t”. If I were to use extremely realistic cartoons, I don’t believe a reader would be able to understand or grasp the dramatics of the comic. The dialogue in my Comic was relatively simple as well, McCloud says something similar to distilling images to its most basic parts, and when he says this I believe that you can understand what an image or comic is trying to say without complications.

As for Print V.S. Digital, I believe this comic suits being printed rather than digital so the illustrations could be better seen. The ideal reading place for my comic would have to be the library, where whom a student reading this comic has been there for hours and in need of some comical or slight distraction. With that being said, I would hope a viewer or any reader would view this comic with humor of any kind.


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