Oral History: Christian Solovey & DJ Tommy Gunz

The interview process I shared with DJ Tommy Gunz went surprisingly well for it being my first experience conducting an interview of any type. Working Tommy for the past few months at Stubblefield’s made this interview process much more comfortable for both of us and led to an ability for us to engage in an active and interesting dialogue. Some surprises that came up during the interview was learning about deceptive simplicity in the art of DJ’ing. The technology and hardware that are used to create the atmosphere in most clubs, parties, and concerts seems so complex because of the bright lights and unfamiliar buttons laid out over the DJ decks, however in all its just around 4 pieces of equipment that make everyone move. The prominent theme I found while learning about the DJ equipment, was it’s advances or improvement in the equipment itself. It seems as if every 4-6 years (96, 2004, 2008 mentioned in the interview) there was a significant advancement in the DJ industry that would change how individuals DJ’d or what tools they needed to perform. I decided to use the interview I turned in because it captured everything that would allow a story to be told while using Tommy’s personal experience DJ’ing and explaining how DJ equipment works and has advanced over the years.

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