Oral History: Emmalina Krist

For this project, I interviewed my mother, Veronica Krist, who was born in 1968 in Tucson, Arizona. Instead of immediately addressing the theme that I had prepared to discuss, I wanted to begin the interview by providing a brief background of her introduction into digital technology and the Internet, as she had a rather interesting introduction into web coding and design and manages her own website for her business. Initially, the most prominent theme that I had intended to focus on was her experience in learning about and teaching herself the skills that she currently possesses. However, the conversation naturally began with her introduction to computers and the Internet.

She recalls her first experiences with the Internet, during which she jokes about finding “the end of the Internet.” In other words, unlike today where there is a nearly limitless amount of information that can be found with a simple search, she would attempt to open a page before finding out that it simply did not exist. While she claims that her work is not professional and contains a number of errors, she provides an explanation for why she made the decisions that she has.

One thing that surprised me about this interview was that when I asked one question, the interviewee tended to answer more than one of my prepared questions in her answer; thus, I ran out of prepared questions to ask quickly and mainly relied on follow-up questions that I thought of in the moment. I also found the Audacity program, which I had never used before, to be surprisingly easy to navigate for this project, considering that I was only using it to cut and add specific pieces of audio, as well as to remove any excess background noise. My only in-depth experience with audio editing before this project had been using Adobe Premiere Pro to place, edit, and add effects to sounds, and I was concerned that the Audacity program would contain a vastly different interface that would take several hours to become accustomed to.

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