Oral History: Melissa Urueta

For my oral history project I ended up interviewing my friend’s older brother who is a wsu alumni and was visiting. I had never met him before conducting the interview so it was a little awkward at first but towards the middle of the overall interview there was more conversational dialogue and we both started to feel more comfortable. During the interview he had a lot to say about his personal relationship with technology, such as his smartphone and his laptop and how much he has benefited from the two. As a restaurant manager he discussed the importance that computers have had on the restaurant industry. I did not really get all too surprised during this interview. I was expecting most of the answers he gave, although I did appreciate his personal opinion about technology in general and its affects on the newer generations. I tried to apply in my final edited copy of the interview a mix of his personal thoughts on technology in general as well as incorporating his thoughts on the technology in his workplace. As soon as he mentioned the technology in his job I tried to bring it up as often as it came up in conversation so that he could build on it and talk about his experiences.

I was really inspired but he story corps oral history in terms of how they just gave you just the response of the person being interviewed. I wanted to be more like a story and less like an interview. So when I began editing I knew I wanted music to make the audio sound more clean. So I wanted it to be as much as possible, him telling his story about technology and how it has affected his life personally and in his workplace. In the interview it was very all over the place in terms of the things we talked about, so finding and keeping only the parts that I wanted to keep was a bit challenging, but I think the parts that made the cut are the most cohesive and summarize his thoughts on technology.

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