Oral History: Emily Bruckner

 The process of this interview went very well, I was able to use an audio recorder of decent quality to record my dad and fortunately we set up the interview in an extremely silent space, I therefore, because of the setting we were in, did not need to edit much in regards to background noise reduction. The conversation I had with my subject was in form less of a compete conversation and more of a session of questions and answers. I tended to structure my questions in a way that would give my dad the most opportunity to answer and elaborate. In retrospect, it would have been wise for me to incorporate more of a natural dialog between us. While my dad’s responses sounded natural my questions and responses had a more scripted sound to them. One aspect of the interview that surprised me, was my dad’s perception about how those of his generation would cope with the increasingly digital world we live in. He made it very clear that he believed most people in his generation would be able to keep up with the new avenues of learning online.  The more prominent themes that came up, during my entire interview, were subjects related to my dad’s personal challenges with online college, how much access to his peers and professors he had, how he adjusted his learning style, how individuals of his generation would adapt, and what he saw in the future in regards to online college. I decided to edit it in the way I did because the themes I included where some of the more interesting and relevant portions of the entire interview. I took a lot of advice from the peer critic while making my decisions about what to keep, because I wanted to make it as interesting to the listener as possible, and a second opinion can help with that aspect.

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