Oral History: Melody Huerta

For my interview I wanted to know about what my brother thought about something that I thought was pretty relevant as technology becomes more and more prominent in education settings. Turns out that it was not really a topic that he knew a lot about and so to make the interview relevant to the both of us I tried to let him talk about his experiences as he felt, and then from there my job was to connect them to the topic I was aiming for. In the end I felt like it does have the exchange of dialogue I wanted it to sound like it had. What surprised me the most about the interview was that the subject of digital literacy is really present in school lessons but there is no explicit talk about digital literacy being important.  Something that came up alot with me having to point us there is the way in which in we use smartphones as a proxy for laptops in school. As well as the internet is a very important tool in school that really any device that has internet capabilities is something that is very useful, like mentioned interview (the use of Chromebooks and iphones). I tried to edit my oral history just in a very simple manner just trying to add music and at the end to signify the start and the end. Also I added music so that it didn’t just start with talking even though there was an introduction to what the recording it about I felt it was still an important element I wanted to add. During the interview I did not ask the questions in the order that they are in the presented in the final interview. I wanted to create a more linear sounding interview where we start talking about his experiences at traditional school and then ending with thoughts on the new school he goes to, which is an alternative school.

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