Oral History: Zachary Larson

In my interview, we discuss the progression of the camera and the role it has taken in history. Blake Gurney shares about his limited experience with cameras growing up, contrasting the level of technology between the time periods.

The interview process was an overall success. Both myself, as well as my interviewee, had a lot of fun discussing photographic technology and how it has become another set of eyes in our world today. We were able to conduct a fluent conversation filled with good questions and answers that resulted in a nice little piece of history. What surprised me the most about this interview was how much Blake talked about the present world of cameras versus the past. I feel as though this goes to show how prominent the technology has become in today’s age.

We contrasted the quantity and quality of cameras mentioning how nowadays everything is recorded between cell phones, security cameras, television, internet streaming, and so many more. We discussed the many advantages of this progression in terms of documenting history and maintaining safety around the world. With cameras everywhere, history is constantly being recorded making it a lot easier to document what really happened. It all becomes much more fact rather than a story someone paints for us. Blake also highlighted the disadvantages of being under constant surveillance. He pointed out the lack of freedom we have now compared to his childhood.

Another point of discussion that came up in the interview was the potential of the camera and where technologies revolving around it could take humanity. Blake gave a great idea suggesting technologies similar to virtual reality could work as an alternative for people with blindness.

I am pleased with my end result for this project. I was able to narrow down the most prominent information of the interview and work it together so that it sounded smooth and concise. I think the story I ended up with depicts the overall importance of the camera and where it could lead humanity in the future.


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