Oral History: Josue Cuevas

The whole interview went alright I would say. It was tough recording this interview with my brother in law Marco because of the personal stuff that went on during thanksgiving break. My niece, Marco’s daughter the day I left home for break, she was transported on an ambulance to Seattle Children’s Hospital because she had to have an emergency surgery. Now I broke down in tears after hearing this I could only imagine what Marco must of been feeling. At this point I wasn’t sure to still do the interview, but Marco was willing to still do it and God bless his soul because I need to do this project and not worry about my niece over break right because that’s what’s really important. Anyways that’s why in the interview you can kind of tell in Marco’s voice that he was a little out of it. Despite all these personal problems we were going through we manage to have a good conversation about technology. We talked a lot about music and how he accessed it growing up which was really interesting to learn about. It’s a shame that the interview had to be cut down so much because we had good conversations about different kinds of technology that contributed to the topic of music which we were talking about. The smartphone and how it’s used today with music was the prominent theme of conversation and the talk always went with something to do with music since my brother in law is a musician. I edited the interview to the way I did because I left the parts that actually related to the prompt and the chosen theme and cut off anything that wasn’t really relating to those areas of conversation previously mentioned. Also it’s my first time edited audio so that was interesting learning how to use the software and how that all works hopefully it’s to the liking of everyone. Overall I liked the way the interview went we had our happy moments and learned a lot of Marco’s life growing up.

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