Oral History: Kameryn Skillingstad

For my Oral History project, I interviewed my sorority house mom Margaret. I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Margaret about her history with telephone usage. Before this project, I had only talked to Margaret a couple times in passing and didn’t know if she was the type of person to enjoy being interviewed and open up about her history with telephones. However, as soon as I started asking Margaret questions, her nervousness settled and she began diving into her history, fun stories, and opinions. I think our conversation flowed very well and it created a brief story that explained in detail her past and present usage of telephones. In our conversation, I asked Margaret if she believes that younger generations use their phones too much and her answer surprised me. She said that she doesn’t think so because what we, in younger generations, use them for is very useful however sometimes she worries for our safety when our heads are buried in our phones while we walk through the streets. I was surprised by this answer because my grandparents and a lot of elderly folks always complain about how kids use their phones too much and Margaret disagreed with that. One of the most prominent things Margaret talked about that stood out to me the most was that she prefers the older telephones more than new telephones. She explained to me that she hates how with her new cellphone people are always calling and interrupting her day because it is so easy to call using a cellphone however back in the day calling was expensive and only occurred in urgent situations. In my interview, I decided to keep my voice in the interview because I think I guided the conversation pretty well and I think the questions I asked really sparked course concept connections. I also decided to add background music to give a more fun and not so serious vibe to the project. Overall, I really enjoyed doing this project because I learned a lot about Margaret’s history with telephones and found all of her stories and opinions unique and intriguing.

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