Oral History: Issaya Saleumsay

When I conducted my interview for this project, I had my mom volunteer to help me with this. I decided to conduct this interview at home in my mom’s office at night that way we could get the lease amount of background noise coming into the recording. However, before I started the interview, I prepared some questions for me beforehand and practiced the interview out that way it wasn’t being all improv. I also told the interviewee what the subject was about and broad information about what I was going to ask her, that way she would have some things on the top of her head to answer with.

I believe that there was an active conversation with my subject for the project. There were plenty of questions that were able to be extended and some lengthy answers to go along with them. Nothing really surprised me about the interview. It went how I expected it to go and get the result that I wanted. The only thing I wish, was that it was more interesting because in an interview, you can not mess up once and be done with the project as a whole within a day or so.

The most important theme would have to be cellphones, timeline of cellphones, and where they are going in the future. The reason for this is because they are an important part of our world and during the interview, she said that they are a major part of our lives and we can’t live without them and they pretty much run the world with a click of a button.

I decided to turn in my project with adobe audition because I am used to the software going into the project with other classes I have taken. With this project and application software, I didn’t really need much, I only needed the trim and cut tool to make my project complete. However, I did add music edits into my interview.

This project was fun and was able to be with the family while doing this project, so it was the best project of the semester for me.

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