Oral History:Shengjie.wu

Digital technology plays an important role in our community currently. I am wondering that did digital technology affects design or not. This question sticks on my mind since I decided to be a graphic designer. Thus, I want to interview someone who is expert in digital technology or graphic design to share our perspective about the relationship between digital technology and design.

Based on the reason that my topic is related to design and digital technology, I decided to interview Professor David who is the 2D Foundations Coordinator & Instructor in the depart of fine art. It was a great time to talk and to share my perspective of the relationship between digital and design with Professor David. From my perspective, digital technology does affect design a lot. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator can be regarded as digital technology, and this software are commonly used by designer. Besides, a lot of designers are using website like Behance, Pinterest, and even Instagram to find inspiration and idea for their work. Thus, I believe that digital technology is important for design. I prepared 10 questions about the relationship between digital technology and design for the interview.

I learn a lot after the interview with Professor David. He presented his own perspective about the relationship between design and digital technology. He stated that digital technology plays one of the most important roles in design currently, especial graphic design. Designers use Photoshop and Illustrator a lot to make Logo, poster, and design. We were focus on talking about the role of Photoshop and Illustrator in design. We also talked about the way of getting inspiration and idea by using internet or physical stuffs. As Professor David mentioned in the interview, designers should not limit or rely on digital technology. The most important thing that designer should have is building your own style, boosting skill of drawing, and building your inspiration data base. Professor pointed that he talked with a lot of graphic design students, and they think that digital technology could help them make the design automatically. It is the wrong statement that commonly happened in students who are rookie or new for design.

Before edited the interview, I listened it several time. I found that there are a lot of ‘um’ in the interview. Thus, the main job of editing the interview was cut those ‘um’ out of the interview to make the audio sounds smoothly. Besides, I wanted to add some background music into my interview. I am the guy who likes to listen Hip-pop music. Under such condition, I found a beat, LoveChances, from Free Music Archive.


Music Citation: http://freemusicarchive.org/search/?quicksearch=LoveChances

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