Oral History: Chandhni Jayakanth

For this assignment, I had chosen to focus on creating a soundscape audio output. The original plan was to solely focus on New York City and the sounds pertaining to that. But after getting to New York City, I realized that most of the audio I could record were all pertaining to huge crowds and people. All I could hear were people talking and cars driving past me. Therefore for this soundscape I decided to a little more broad and make it focusing on audio from my whole semester of being in Washington State University while also focusing on New York City.

For this assignment, I really like the transitions of each audio. Although the audio was really short and was truly just a snippet of what I was trying to express, the transition from one specific audio to another audio flowed through really well. I also liked the final outcome of the project because the audio really gives the listener a feel as though they are at a specific football game at Washington State University or they are at Rockefeller Center listening to the Christmas music being played at Saks Fifth Avenue building.

The most important struggle I had was to definitely find audio that was specific to New York City. As mentioned earlier, I had to widen my plan because of how noisy a city like New York is. It also made me realize that ambience plays a very crucial role because without the noises of people talking or chit-chatting, the ambience of the place cannot be set. Overall, I really learnt a lot about how soundscapes work and how a soundscape can possibly accurately reflect a certain location or venue. Also I learnt that ambient sounds and background noises are important aspects of storytelling in any movie or video because those are the sounds that truly set the tone and mood of a specific story.

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