Final Reflection: Ashley Cole

The first interview that I listened to was Timmy Huynh’s. I thought that his topic of e-sports was really interesting because he looked at video games though a lens that I have never thought of before. He asked his interviewee a lot of questions about whether or not he thinks that e-sports could become as popular as regular sports. The interviewee seemed to think that this could be possible in the near future. They even talked about the possibility of e-sports going to an Olympic level which is really crazy to think about, but it is arguably something that could eventually happen because it is something that people are very competitive with.

It seems like this interview focused a lot on what the interviewee thought could happen with e-sports in the future rather than his experiences with video games in the past. I think that this is okay though because he seems to be drawing in past knowledge in order to answer these questions. So, I would argue that this is still a good example of an oral history.

The next interview that I listened to was that of Shawn Stephens. He interviewed a woman named Mei about her experience in the graphic design industry. She shared that she went to a really good college in China and also that she is really interested in fine arts.

I love that this interview focused on graphic design as well as Mei’s cultural background. This was a really cool way to tie in her experiences in China. I think that this interview is definitely a good example of oral history because she draws on past experiences a lot and this fuels the interview.

The last interview that I listened to was Juan Guzman’s. He interviewed his roommate and asked him various questions about music when he was younger. They talked about boom boxes and CD players which were definitely popular in the 90’s.

My only concern with this is that I am not exactly sure if his roommate is from a different generation since he is only 29. However, I think that this still works as an oral history because his roommate is describing technology that has not been popular for at least a decade.

All of these interviews really interesting to listen to. I am glad that I got the opportunity to hear them. I hope that people find my interview to be as interesting as I found theirs to be.

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