Oral History: Angela Basinger

For my oral history project, I interviewed my grandmother Donita Basinger, a retired nurse and medical case worker. I was lucky enough to have a very articulate and open interview subject. Over the course of the interview, we covered not only the ten constructed questions from my proposal, but also a number of topics and issues that Donita herself brought up. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview process and loved sitting down and taking time to listen about my grandparent’s livelihood and perspective. She was thrilled to participate and excited to share her experiences. In the beginning, we covered the differences in patient care and medical procedures over the years, demonstrating not only the changes in surgeries and treatment, but also the day-to-day changes for taking patient vitals and checking up on them. After this, the prominent theme that emerged was a discussion of a loss of soft care skills amidst the technologically advancing atmosphere of the modern medical field. She compared they type of care received in juxtaposed environments, differences seen when she began her career versus now, and offered her advice to combat these issues. Not included in the five minute clip is some content relating more ethical issues within modern medicine as well as the difficulties my grandmother had in adapting to new technologies. She touches on some great points within the pieces that I chose not to include, but I found it best to stick to the concise theme of soft care skills in comparison to hard technical skill as this idea emerged in many parts of the 28 minute recording. Before this project, I had no experience with audio editing whatsoever. Yet, I feel like I made good use of the basic tools in adobe audition, such as the razor, the move tool, the fade function, and the audio level adjustment. This project is representative of significant growth in my knowledge of both recording technology as well as audio editing technology.

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