Oral History: Liz Kurtz

For my interview I decided to talk to my dad about his experience with the advancement of technology. My dad is an architect and uses computers every single day. Much of his career is focused on designing commercial buildings by using programs such as AutoCAD and Revit. By conversing with him about not only the advances in technology, but as well as how they have impacted his career and how technology continues to shape the workforce.

When recording this interview, I faced a few challenges. It was hard to create questions prior to talking with my dad due to the fact I was unaware of where the conversation would lead. It was difficult for me to conversate, instead of reading off a series of questions. However, despite these set backs I was able to produce an oral history interview I am proud of and that covers all important topics.

Some aspects of my interview surprised me. For instance, I had assumed a majority of the interview we would discuss how the advancement of technology has shaped his career. However, I was pleased that a mix of topics were discussed. Such as; childhood computers, games, and emerging programs within his field. I was also surprised with how little I knew about his career and the many difficulties that come with a job in the technology industry. By adapting to the times, I was impressed with my dad’s ability to grow and continue to learn new programs and ideas.

Editing my audio recording was one of the most difficult challenges I have faced this semester. I went into this project with absolutely no background knowledge of audio. Trying to figure out how exactly to work and navigate Adobe Audition was frustrating, but after a few YouTube videos I was able to edit my recording at a beginner level. Another challenge I faced was reducing the length of my recording. I believe my draft was around 10 minuets long and it was almost impossible I get it under 6 minuets! Everything seamed so important. However, I am satisfied in my outcome and was able to produce a well developed interview.

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