Comics: Kaleb Parrish

Adobe Illustrator, what an adventure to say the least! At first trying to get used to the tools was a challenge because this was my first-time using Illustrator. A lot of my time early-on during Project 2 was spent doing the required tutorials just so I could get the basics down which helped me create what I wanted with my comic strip. For my comic strip I wanted to make a funny yet simple comic bashing UW fans so I created the characters Salt and Pepper, in which Salt is salty (UW fans) and Pepper is your fun and jokingly-typical Coug fan.

Designed by Kaleb Parrish, October 2018.

When I see my comic strip that I created, I would say that it fits Scott McCloud’s definition of comics being “juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence”. Not only does it follow juxtaposed pictures because my pictures are placed side to side, they are also incorporating pictorial images. They are pictorial because I created them from scratch on my storyboard, but I also wanted to incorporate the deliberated sequence so when one would read it left to right, the story would flow like reading a book. My comic seems to rely on a good balance between graphics and images that are both written and illustrated communications to help the overall idea of the comic to be a sequential story.

As for print versus digital, I think my comic would be better presented on a landscape print page so that all of the frames could be visible at one time. The ideal environment for readers to view my comic would be whenever fellow Washington State fans want a quick laugh, they could get one since it is making fun of University of Washington (UW). The rivalry between the two Universities has always been fun and games so by making a short, funny comic about that, seemed to really catch my interest and hopefully yours as well.

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