Comics: Aidan Aumell

My comic that I made for my adobe illustrator project is a perfect example of Scott McCloud definition of what a comic is. “Juxtaposed pictorial and other images in a deliberate sequence,” my main goal of this comic was to incorporate time throughout the images. I mostly wanted to do this because the plot of my story required time to make it flow better. The comics with the car was a perfect example where I wanted time to be one of the main focuses of the sequence. By adding “ 5 minutes later” it gives the reader a sense that the images are in chronological order as well as matching the surroundings with the previous comics. It also gives the reader the effect of moving your eyes quickly throughout this section of the comic which was one of my main desires of this part. As I read the understanding comics book I noticed him including time in the top right corner which I really liked. It makes the reader, read a lot quicker and turns reading a comic book into reading a picture book. Throughout the book Scott talks about how symbols and imagery have a great deal of meaning to average humans when they get a first glance at it. That’s how I wanted readers to reader my comic, to realize the time and to make direct connections with imagery on each artboard. That is how I read most of the comics we were shown in class, and I think in my option that Is one of the best ways to make a comic. By producing a comic in this fashion, I believe the best way to read the comic is in a hard paper copy format because the reader’s eyes move easier and quicker throughout the comics which is my desired effect I’m going for.

Click here for Comic

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