Comics: Jaclyn Erickson

For my comic i decided to focus on having halloween incorporated into my theme due to the holidays being right around the corner! I believe my project fixed the Scott McCloud’s juxtaposed idea because each of my images are placed to be read in a specific order. If read otherwise the sequences would not make sense. While reading and understanding McCloud novel of comics, it gives you a sense of understanding and relation even if the user or creator has never made a comic before.

My comic i believed both would work, print as well as online but print seemed more fit for the style and design of the comic. It is a very childish comic but still keeps inline with the overall purpose. Being a brand new student to illustrator i personally did not get along well at all. As i was creating my comic there were multiple scene where i felt the scene could of been either more realistic or just better looking overall but when i tired there outcome was much worse than having some of the scenes more plain. This bothered me a ton as i was trying to make my comic images all flow nicely with one another, i watched video after video trying to create a more life-like or realistic pumpkin but the outcomes never felt right with the comic and seemed almost out of place. So, i kept the much more basic images of the pumpkins and council people. Although multiple of my images in my comic are a more basic image, i think it still works well with the overall images.I think the idea of how a simple shape and idea can create an entire story is the whole point behind Scott McClouds novel. 


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