Comics: Jenna Walker

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“A Boy and His Flower” by Jenna Walker

My blog, “A Boy and His Flower”, was inspired by Spiderman. I took the the concept of Spiderman and gave it a floral spin. Similarly in Spiderman, he is bit by a spider and turns in to Spiderman, but my character gets pricked by the thorns and then turns in to a flower. This relates to Scott McCloud’s book because I feel like I had a lot of good use of color, I kept it very simple yet still got my point across. The comic itself is very easy to follow, and with little dialogue it’s clear what’s going on. It fits the idea of, “juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence”, because my comic flows very nicely I think. In each frame, from the beginning, it’s obvious that everything that soon happens after is a reaction from the previous frame just before. I liked my usage of the different widths of the lines because it shows that it’s not all the same. My character when he is a human is used with small lines, but when he turns in to a flower, he becomes thicker like a stem and grows leaves and roots. I also had good use of color because when he is a human, he is used only in black so it really shows the difference when he turns green and his face turns yellow with pink petals. I wanted this comic to be very simple and not over the top with designs or anything like that because I feel like when there is a lot going on in a comic, it’s hard to really understand what’s going on because there is so much to look at; which can get confusing, too. I believe the environment for my blog could be anywhere, it’s a goofy comic with no underlying meaning so, it could be read anywhere at any time. I hope my readers see it and just smile, it’s a quirky little comic which I truthfully enjoyed creating.

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