Comics: Emily Burns

One of Scott McCloud’s concepts that inspired my comic is the “moment-to-moment” transaction (70). When I was reading McCloud’s book this concept stood out to me because of the small difference in the slides, but big effect it has. I chose to use this

My Final Comic

technique in my first two slides. All of my slides lead up to the girl in my comic running out the door because she is late. This supports McCloud’s definition of comics and how my slides are deliberately in sequence and are juxtaposed pictorials. Another concept I used in my comic was the “subject-to-subject” technique (70). On my last slide, I wanted to have a different view point of the girl’s bedroom but I didn’t want to show he actually running out the door. I wanted the viewer to interpret the comic without explicitly being shown what happened. In McCloud’s book, he played around with different and interesting boarders. I decided to make a boarder around my main slides and add clocks and cars all around. I thought this made my comic more interesting and different. I tried to keep the text and speech bubbles to a minimum. I wanted the pictorials to speak for themselves. However, I think the text I included made the comic more relatable. Originally, I wanted to have my comic be printed. However, when I think about the future of comic I believe that it will be online. Online comics are relatively a new thing. However, most everything is becoming digitalized. I think this would make the comic more accessible to the public, which is why I chose to not print my comic. This persuaded me to make my comic be read online. I want the viewer to view my comic as a story. I chose this topic because waking up late is often a common thing that happens to me.

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